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For many years Carolina Remodeling Pros has provided companies and homeowners with a broad variety of window replacement and installation solutions. We can improve the present look of your home or business, or we can help design a completely new look and feel.

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Here at Carolina Remodeling Pros, we have developed a way to upgrade your old windows and also install your all new windows in such a way that it will be the absolute best decision your family has ever made. But how exactly did we do that? We recognized that excellent window installation is only as good as the service provider behind it. We know that a top-notch, quality experience hinges on the company and its workers. We only hire the best window installers available. We teach them and supply them with all the tools necessary to do the job right every time. Every single project is one-of-a-kind. Installing a replacement window is never just putting a new window into an opening. It has to do with professionally and expertly putting that brand-new unique window into your house. Our crew can do that and a lot more. We take pride in our services, we value your home, and our professionalism is unrivaled, setting us apart from all of our competitors. Get in touch with us today to get an ABSOLUTELY FREE in-home evaluation and let’s get started!

What We Offer

Window Installation

Our installation team will handle your home as if it were their very own. We will install your new windows, dispose of your outdated windows, and tidy every single thing up in the end.


Does your house have unique windows, casings or sills that calls for custom glass? That’s not a problem. We supply our clients with custom glass services.


Do you live in an older home and your windows have become drafty, cracked or stuck shut? Give us a call! We specialize in installing replacement home windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are simply replacing a window of the identical size into the existing opening, then the answer is no. That being said, if you have opted to expand the window measurements, a bigger hole must be cut in the wall structure to fit the new window size. This is also true if you want a differently shaped window, in that case, the wall surface will also have to be modified. But don’t worry, our team can take care of any type of project, large or small.

That’s an excellent question. That will depend on the kind of job that is being carried out. A simple replacement will not take much time at all, but if you are changing the kind of window or the shape of the window that will take additional time and more equipment to finish. Regardless of the project, our company does the job promptly.

Our team would never ever dream of leaving a mess after we finalize a project. We will get rid of your outdated windows, handle any sort of mess that is created and guarantee that our work area is clean. Honestly, we have been told frequently throughout the years that the space looked even better right after the job was finished than before we started. We take care of our clients homes.

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Unlike several of our competitors, here at Carolina Remodeling Pros, we offer you a COMPLIMENTARY in-home assessment. You will never ever be charged for an inspection or estimate.


Worried about having to take measurements of each one of your home windows? We are able to put those worries to rest. We will perform all the necessary window measurements for you.

Select Your Window

Unsure where to begin when it comes to choosing brand-new windows? Don’t worry! Our design team will help you choose the best, and most fitting windows for your home.


Shortly after we have helped you choose your windows and gotten all the essential measurements, we will then clear away and take care of your old windows and install the new. We take care of everything from start to finish.


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3 Helpful Hints For Choosing A Neighborhood Window Installation Company

Do you need windows replaced or installed? If so, then you’ll need to take the time to locate the best window installation company in your neighborhood. Deciding on the wrong company might cost a lot of cash. There are several things which can go wrong when a window is not really properly installed. Here are several helpful hints for avoiding disaster and choosing the best possible window installation company.

1. Steer Clear Of The “Jack Of All Trades”

It’s understandable that companies intend to make the maximum amount of money as you possibly can. Due to this, they often times branch out and may include various different services. Unfortunately for the customers, this leads to not enough focus. An organization that spreads itself too thin will never really specialize in one area, which means they are able to never really be the greatest.

In terms of window installation, you need to select a company that focuses entirely on windows. They will often remove, replace, install, and look after windows, nevertheless it isn’t the same company that does your landscaping or fixes the rooftop. You want to employ a company that is certainly installing windows every day and consequently has a lot of exposure to windows.

2. Discover Their Window Quality

It’s an easy task to get so dedicated to the business and its workers which you forget about the windows themselves. Not all the windows are the same rather than all installation companies take advantage of the same suppliers. There’s no sense in being the most effective installation company if you’re likely to install sub-par windows for the clients.

A good way to ensure the quality of the windows is to discover when they are CSA certified. The CSA Group certifies products that meet a really high level of safety and quality. Doors and windows are two items that are normally certified with the CSA Group. If the installer doesn’t use CSA certified windows, chances are they simply aren’t utilizing the best product available.

3. Even More Certifications

Certifications for windows are wonderful and so are certifications for folks and businesses. The CSA Group doesn’t certify businesses or contractors, but there are many services who do. Several different certifications to look for would be the American Window and Door Institute (ASDI) certification as well as the Window Wise certification.

What if the company has certifications from your different organization? It will be up to you to examine that organization and find out if their standard of quality is high enough. There are many organizations that only give away certifications for any fee and they also must not be taken seriously. Search for organizations that have strict standards and regularly require retesting.

Don’t Forget To Question Around

Finally, don’t forget to inquire friends, family members, and co-workers in case they have exposure to any local window installation companies. Odds are, somebody you are aware of did business with one. They are able to either give you a recommendation or inform you which businesses are better to avoid. But remember to help keep these hints in your mind regardless if considering a recommendation from a trusted friend.