Your home is made secure with quality windows and doors. Why not go a step further, install glass block windows and egress windows in your home.

With this online guide you can find great links to manufacturers like Slocomb and Pro-Via for all your windows and doors.

Wholesale glass block windows and egress windows at cheap prices! Windows and doors are easy to install with these great online tips.

Find our everything you need to know about specialty windows and doors, like glass block windows and egress windows.

The most on specialty shaped windows and doors for your home!

Specialty Models

Stray from the average straight line, with specialty window designs. You add a funky or classic touch of personality to your home or office.

Check out specialty window manufacturer models in the following shapes:

Radius Geometric
Radius geometrically shaped window are full, with moon like shapes. These include half-rounds, quarter rounds, full-rounds, sectors, ellipses, and eyebrows.

Simple geometric shapes are more angular like rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, octagons and pentagons.

Radius geometric shapes are easier to bring into the style of the home, as they are smooth and blend well. Geometric shapes have a more edgy, noticeable effect.

More specialty windows include long cathedral shapes, oval, full circle, and hexagon. You can find anything to match the angles of your rooms.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are mandatory specialty windows, which are usually located in basements. They bring in extra light, ventilation and more importantly provide an emergency exit in case of a fire.

Egress windows can look beautiful, and an extra touch to a basement sweet. Before installing an egress window, read make sure you know the by-laws.

Remember that an egress window must:

Provide exit
Open from inside
20-24 inch opening
60 inches above floor
The egress code requires an opening for a body to fit through. You can secure your safety through a window well covering, that doesn’t obstruct the window.

You must be able to open your egress window from inside the house, without any obtrusions or the use of tools. This allows for the use of a storm screen.

Water cannot enter the area from the egress window, and so a window well cover of a storm screen should be considered.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are perfect for small spaces, like a bathroom. These windows are ideal as high security windows, while maintaining an attractive look.

Glass block windows bring the added benefits of more light to stuffy areas. They are made of strong plastic or glass, sealing in sound and heat.

You can find glass block windows in many sizes, colors, and patterns, with the best prices online through the buyer’s guide.

Get the most ideas on replacement windows with this one-stop guide for all your window needs. Check out the buyer’s guide before you go!

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